Welcome to The Electrical Engineering Wiki

  • This Wiki has been designed as a space where groups of electrical engineering students can add and exchange materials and information.

  • The Task:
    • I would like you to decide on some technology that you would like to research and share with the rest of the class. You are welcome to work in teams of your choice for this task.
      Please put down your email and the topic you would like to cover as well as who you would like to work with on the paper that comes by.
    • Once you have determined your topic, please gather information from a variety of sources and add it to your group's section on the Wiki.
    • In two week's time I will ask your team to present the information to the group
    • After your presentations are done I would like you to vote for the team that you felt did the best job
    • There will be a small prize for the team that is voted the best

  • Gaining access to the Wiki:
  • Trigonometry exercises:
    • Two weeks ago we did some exercises on trig. The questions and solutions to these exercises can be attained by clicking on the link: Trigonometry Exercises
  • Mechanics exercises:
    • There are some mechanics problems that you can try, should you wish. Questions and solutions to this week's exercises can be attained by clicking on the link: Mechanics Exercises

19 OCTOBER 2010

  • Today we are going to finish off our Wiki pages. I will come round to see how people are progressing and check in to see how much more time you would like to complete your page.

  • There are a couple of new questions on the discussion board. Please take a moment to answer the questions and visit Blogger.com. You are welcome to have a play with the software and create your own blog...

  • Once people are ready, we will be presenting our Wiki pages to the rest of the group and then rating each other's presentations. A form will be passed out to you for you to provide this feedback.

26 OCTOBER 2010
  • Take a look at the information under the online applications and let others know your favourite application and why by answering the discussion question

  • Today we have a guest speaker from the careers centre. To access the PowerPoint of the presentation click on the link below: