How to write a business plan
What is a business plan and why we need one?

It is the blueprint for your business.

It sets out what your business is, what your goals are, how you will achieve them.

Who may want to see your plan?



Major supply

Feedback from others

How long is your plan for?

Most business plans are for a year, forward planning can up to 5 years.

Review of the plan.

What should the plan cover?

1. Cover and contents

Show date and business name

2. Executive summary

Snapshot for your business and the overall plan

What the business is

What you want to achieve

What’s unique about your business?

The market potential

Your forecasted profit

Resources and funding

3. Business description

Your vision

Goals and objective for next 1-5 years

Industry sector

Industry trend

What sort of business are you in

Business structure

Owner and manager

Where is the business

What you do

Do you have trademarks?

Main supplier

Main competitors

4. Market analysis

What’s the business environment?

Who are your customers?

Who are your competitors?

SWOT analysis

5. Sale and marketing

No sale, no business


Market position, target customer group

Price, cost, breakeven

Sales strategies



Customer service

Legal obligation

6. Management and staff

People is important

Hire new or inheriting

7. Business operation

Depending on the type of the business


Resource consents

Plant and equipment

Buy or hire purchase

Raw materials

Licences or royalties

Control system

Business insurance

8. Financial data and forecasts

Most important part of the plan

Enough money to get start and breakeven in the short term

Make enough money to become profitable in the long term

Sensitive analysis

Assumptions of risk

9. Critical success factors

Cash flow

Continuity of raw materials

Key customer



Cost rise

Losing key people

Loss premises

Key supply out of business

Raw materials no longer available

Product or service causes injury

10. Action plan and timetable


11. Prospects for investors and lender

How much you need and how you going to spend

When they get money back

12. Supporting document

Your banker, accountant and lawyer

CVs for key people

Your personal wealth

Another relevant document

For more info:

  1. Your business banker, accountant and lawyer
  2. Auckland Chamber of Commerce
  3. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise